Children (Ages 4-7)

Your child is never too young to start working towards their black belt.  Pak’s Karate offers age-specific martial arts training for children starting at 4 years old.  Our unique martial arts children programs use interesting and enjoyable methods that keep your child’s attention while teaching skills they can use for life. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement.

The children’s martial arts programs we offer are as follows:

Tiny Tigers
4 & 5 yr old children.

Tigers Program
6 & 7 yr old children

Once a child has reached 8 years of age, they are permitted to enter the Youth (beginners) program.

Each month students focus on a life skill topic as well as a self-defense topic. Students learn life skills such as how to be a good listener and the importance of respect and manners.  Students also learn valuable self-defense skills like stranger danger and knowing who is a trusted adult. These topics are combined with martial arts techniques designed specifically for their age.  We promote a positive environment of respect, cooperation, and teamwork.

Students improve their balance, coordination, strength, and agility while learning basic martial arts.  The benefits of this program carry over to other sports and will allow them to move easily into the regular karate program when they turn 8 years old.

Our children’s martial arts programs are taught under the direction of Master Bryan Peeples and Master Carolyn Peeples.  Classes are usually assisted by one or more of our amazing black belt instructors.  All of our black belt instructors at Pak’s Karate have come through our Fernandina Beach Pak’s Karate program.

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