Youth (Ages 8-17)

Pak’s Karate Youth Program in Fernandina Beach, FL. is designed for students from age 8-17. You’re never too old to start earning your black belt!  Students work within their own belt (skill) level, so your child can enter in the program at any age. Our unique martial arts program uses interesting and engaging methods that keep your child’s attention while teaching skills they can use for life. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. Our karate school teaches martial arts to children in Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Yulee, and the surrounding areas.

The Youth Program is taught at 3 levels, depending on your advancement through our martial arts program. Students are grouped by belt level.  All students start training in the Beginner’s class, and move as they earn higher belt ranks. Here are the 3 class levels that are offered:

  • Beginners Class. Every journey has start somewhere. Students learn and practice the basic concepts and techniques of Tang Soo Do and self defense while building strength and self discipline.  Students are also introduced to basic forms, one-step and free sparring drills focusing on partner-appropriate cooperation and teamwork.  Beginners class is for white belts through green-white belts.
  • Black Belt Club. This is intermediate instruction that focuses on more advanced skills and perfecting the techniques learned at the Beginner’s level.  Sparring instruction continues, and students learn intermediate forms.  Students are also given access to Special Training classes (at no extra cost) that teach weapons such as bo staff and nunchuckus, self defense, and basic grappling / jui-jitsu techniques.  Black belt club is for green belts through brown-black belts.
  • Advanced Class. This advanced level instruction is prepares students to become a black belt. This is also the class where black belts receive ongoing training.  That’s right – when you reach the Advanced Class, you train alongside black belts ranking from First Dan to Master.  Advanced sparring and self defense techniques are covered, including practice against multiple attackers.  Students also learn advanced forms.  Advanced Class is for red-white belt through black belt masters.

Our program helps your child build physical strength, coordination, balance, and agility. Your child will learn traditional Korean martial arts techniques and drills which help build the muscle memory and strength required to perform the kicks and movements that make up Tang Soo Do. Students also learn practical modern self defense and western striking techniques, along with appropriate application of these skills.

This training reinforces our positive message and philosophy of key life skills: team work, concentration, self control, respect, and goal setting. We feel these are especially important for school age students to develop these concepts .

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